Beaded Box
Crucifix Bone
Pig Skull
Isolating the Blast
Turtle Skull
Deana Rae
Workday Smiles
Workday Smiles Detail
Spoon Fed 2
Wolf Reliquary
Wolf Reliquary Open
Wolf Reliquery Detail
Anatomy 101, Puzzle
Anatomy 101, Side 2
Dr. Bill's Graduation Kit
Dr. Bill's Graduation Kit, detail
Dr. Bill's Graduation Kit, open
False Bunting, front
False Bunting, front detail
False Bunting, rear view
False Bunting, rear detail
Bison Reliquary
Bison Reliquary open
Bison Reliquary detail
Wisdom Shared
Turtle Warrior front
Turtle Warrior rear
Bill Clinton's Dilema
Inmate 147 Front view
Inmate 147 Side view
Inmate 147 Detail
Day of Dead 2
Day of Dead
Day of Dead Detail
Day of Dead Drawer
Fencing Mask front
Fencing Mask rear
Fencing Mask Detail
Pom Queen
Tomorrows Gods
Memory 235

Carleton Wing 2014