Secular Mandalas

Bronze Pig 3
Mixed Fruit
Onions and Garlic
Grate 2A
Blue Statue Head.jpg
Wart Hog Skull
Fountain Drain 1.jpg
Rabbit Foot
Turkey Foot.jpg
Boar Tooth Point
Boar Skull
Turkey Claw.jpg
Doll Head
Horse Skull
Bronze Pig 3A
Black and White African Mask.jpg
Airplane Engine.jpg
Bison Tooth
Chest Drill.jpg
Crescent Wrench
Fencing Mask
Mariner Knife.jpg
Turtle Claw.jpg
Turtle Claw 2.jpg
Kitchen Bowls.jpg
Ram Horn
Possum Skull and Jaw.jpg
Rooster Feathers.jpg
Sea Gull.jpg

Carleton Wing 2014